1. De-certification of bad police officers – Many bad police officers must not just be fired but they must not have the ability to move to other jurisdictions and police with the same bad habits and attitudes. It is akin to moving criminal behavior from one community to another without regard for the lasting effects for the citizens where the problem now resides. 


We call on state legislators to move to bar habitual police offenders at ANY level; Local, County and State by decertifying them therefore disqualifying them of policing anywhere in the State of Illinois. If an attorney has to have license to represent me in court, A dentist to have a license work and give service to my teeth, a doctor to have a license to diagnose my health, there is no reason why a police officer who carries a badge to enforce the law and gun and taser to back that up cannot be subject to same standard of behavior.


2. Changes to the City Code - The City Code currently does not allow the Mayor to unilaterally fire police officers for misconduct. It currently leaves that process to the Chicago Police Department with many protections provided by the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the City of Chicago and the FOP. 


In cases of blatant obstruction of justice and outright lying by police officers as shown in the LaQuan McDonald murder, those officers should be immediately fired by the Mayor. As the CEO of our city, the Mayor whomever he or she may be should never have their hands tied in situations such as the McDonald Murder. In this specific case the CBA also needs to be changed to give the Mayor’s office final say on bad police officers.


When other city personnel do not have the luxury of a delayed process because of union protection, public safety becomes the over-arching reason to change that process to allow the mayor of the city of Chicago to protect its citizens from brazen behaviors.


3. Mental Health Concerns – This is not just a one-way dead end street that ends up with incapable police officer making snap decisions. We applaud the policing task force to place a spotlight on this issue. 


However, there has to be a spotlight on the mental health concerns of police officers as it relates to the issue of public safety. Many officers are operating with a multitude of stressors. Working in high crime areas where the number of shootings and murders are higher than war zones in the Middle East. 


It would be wise for CPD to consider furloughs for officers as well as random psychological evaluations of police officers as a way to reduce stressors for those working high crime areas and to help re-inforce training that has been instituted. A mentally stressed police officer is a huge matter of public safety for the city of Chicago and its residents.

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(CHICAGO, IL) Coalition for a New Chicago Founder,Rev.Gregory Livingston wonders where Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been since The Police Accountability Task Force released their report four days ago.



Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s self-appointed Police Accountability Task Force has released their full report of its findings and recommendations of reforms for the Chicago Police Department. The task force has sent out a press release, facilitated a press conference and has released its findings of questionable practices against African-Americans and other citizens of color inthe City of Chicago. This is an urgent crisis that needs immediate attention, stated Rev. Livingston.


Additionally said Livingston, “We would like to applaud the work of the Police Accountability Task Force in having the fortitude to not bite its tongue regarding their findings. Many citizens and others were skeptical about the anticipated results from the task force and wondered if this was just another capitulation by the mayor to citizens to deflect more heat away from his actions that was triggered by the police murder of Laquan McDonald.


The task force’s opening statement of its Executive Summary speaks volumes of what was to follow. It clearly states,” The police need to know who they work for – the community. The authority that they have belongs to the people.”


Leadership Network leader, Rev. Ira Acree supports the findings of the task force…”This is what African-Americans have been stating for decades. Unbridled behaviors of abuse and violence has basically gone unchecked. So much so that the task force’s data shows that the abuse and violence is NOT a figment of the imagination of Black people and people of color in the city of Chicago.


These abuses were detailed as:

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Must avoid Bloody Summer 2016 #NoBloodySummer2016

Chicago's murder rate is now double what it was this time last year. Starting 4th Ward Anti-Violence program. Must avoid Bloody Summer 2016  #NoBloodySummer2016

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Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston reacts to release of Ronald Johnson video

Meet The Man Trying to Take Down Rahm Emanuel - by Rollingstone


"There's no such thing as un-bloody birth," says the Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston, reclining in his office chair in his South Side Chicago home on a recent afternoon. "Birth is a joyous occasion but it's a messy one." A longtime preacher and community activist, Livingston, outsized in both physical and emotional presence, is wont to speak in metaphors such as this, especially when discussing untidy topics — in this case, how his organization, Coalition for a New Chicago, has been using non-violent, albeit occasionally contentious, protest to try and force Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign from office.

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Rahm and His Aldermen Must Go for a New Chicago to Begin


"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away...and I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down.." Revelation 21:1-2

I wrote a HuffPost article almost four years ago entitled "People Before Profit, Rahm!" that wrestled with Mayor Emanuel's persona and our Chicago reality. Well, with the revelation of a grand coverup and conspiracy in the brutal, savage and merciless killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke, we are at the crossroads of truth and justice vs greed and class. Our young and capable Black Lives Matter (and Chicago's own Black Youth Project 100) warriors are confronting the 'powers'. The 'powers' can be defined as those who have chosen profit over equality (i.e., a level playing field). It is plain to those who have taken to the streets that this video cannot be explained away by the most contrarian of pundits. Jason Van Dyke has had 20 complaints in his career -- and no disciplinary reprimand. Can you imagine all the people Van Dyke crippled before video?


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Coalition For A New Chicago Organized Demostration

Ja'Mal Green speaking and standing behind him is Gregory Seal Livingston from the Coalition for a New Chicago who organized today's demonstration.

Press conference at City Hall

Come Get Your Boy!


Protesters Converge On Mayor's House

Gregory Livingston founder of Coalition for a New Chicago was asked my Ja'Mal D. Green to join him for the demonstration in front on Mayor Rahm Emanuel's house

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